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In years past it seemed like mailers for Spring wine delivery arrived in an orderly fashion over the first three months of the year. This year, however, virtually every winery I follow decided to release their wines in the month of January. Below are some quick thoughts on the mailers that have arrived so far:

Quilceda Creek – Prices are up again to $145 a bottle. Expensive wines, low yields and small allocations. I bought the few bottles I was offered and look forward to the Release Party in March.

Betz Family Winery – $68 for the Père de Famille and $55 for the Clos de Betz. Exceptional wines at fair prices. I bought a few of each and look forward to this Release Party in March as well.

Carlisle – What more can you say about Carlisle. Great wines and even better prices. I own a fair amount of Carlisle already but bought a 6 pack of Zinfandel which included the Dupratt, Montafi, Sodini and Sonoma County.

Saxum – This release includes the Broken Stones, Booker and Bone Rock priced at $89 per bottle. Saxum is pushing the envelope on pricing but who can blame them. High scores and high demand for all their wines. I’d love to buy more but in the interest of spreading my purchases over many different mailers I just took a bottle of each.

Dehlinger – The offer was for the Altamont Pinot Noir, Claret, Estate Chardonnay, Goldridge Syrah and Frei Road Syrah. Dehlinger has earned the right to charge $60 for their Pinot Noir. I bought several bottles along with a bottle of Chardonnay and Goldridge Syrah.

Rivers-Marie – Maybe my favorite mailer at the current time. $25 for the Sonoma Coast Pinot and only $50 for their Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs (with the exception of Summa Old Vines). I ended up buying the Summa, Kanzler and many bottles of the Sonoma Coast.

Rochioli – The offer included the Estate Chardonnay at $42, Sauvignon Blanc at $26 and Pinot Noir at $54. I purchased several Pinot Noir and a few of the others. I need to keep some powder dry for the Single Vineyard Chardonnay mailer that I expect will arrive in mid March.

Turley – Wow. 15 wines in the offer. It is almost like perusing the menu at your favorite Italian restaurant. You literally want to buy everything. The Juvenile at $20 is a steal. I wanted to try the new vineyards including Cobb, Sadie Upton and Kirschenmann as well. Can’t pass on any Turley Petite Sirah so I also bought the single bottle of Turley Estate that I was offered.

Schrader – Demand was high for Schrader this year. I guess it is a function of this being one of the first ’12’s offered and across the board high scores from the Wine Advocate. Prices were the same as years past at $175 per bottle and allocations were doubled. I’m in for a mixed 6 pack. Schrader should fare well in this years upcoming Zinfandel Chronicles Power Rankings.

Outpost – Offer was for the 2011 Cabernet, True Vineyard Cabernet and Immigrant. I hesitated and the wines were sold out before I could get an order in. Note to self: move quickly next Winter to secure some ’12’s.

That is it for now. I expect mailers from Kosta Browne, Scarecrow, Dalle Valle, Leonetti, Force Majeure, Williams Selyem and Bedrock to arrive soon. Fun times!

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