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2017 Bucklin Ancient Field Blend Old Hill Ranch – Bottle Notes

Bucklin Winery was founded in 2000 by the four Bucklin siblings: Arden, Kate, Ted and Will.  Will Bucklin has been a vintner for over 25 years, working in France, Australia, Sonoma, Mendocino and Oregon. Bucklin produces several Zinfandels, a Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and a White Field Blend.

Old Hill Ranch is a historic jewel.  It was founded by William McPherson Hill in 1851. The vineyard came into the Bucklin family when it was purchased in 1981. Bucklin, Once & Future and Bedrock are the sole producers of wine from the vineyard.

The “Ancient Field Blend” is from a 12 acre block of vines that were planted in 1885. The vineyard is a mosaic of over two dozen grape varieties — primarily Zinfandel, but also Grenache, Alicante Bouchet, Petite Sirah, Mourvedre, Syrah, Carignane, and Tempranillo, to name a few. The grapes are co-fermented together. 12 Acres, 30 grape varieties, 1 wine.

Crimson in color. 14.8% ABV. Stunning nose of red fruits, peach, anise and pepper. Medium body with mouth watering acidity. Packed with bright, juicy fruits. Cherry, raspberry, cocoa and pepper on the palate. Exceptional length on the finish. Everything about this Zinfandel is right in my wheelhouse. Best over the next 2-4 years.

My rating: 95 points.

Bucklin gets very little press but I would highly suggest visiting their website and ordering a few bottles. The 2020 vintage will be released later this year and I am a buyer.

I wrote about Bucklin previously in A Visit with Will Bucklin at Old Hill Ranch. I wrote about Old Hill Ranch in Top 10 Old Vine Zinfandel Vineyards.

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2 thoughts on “2017 Bucklin Ancient Field Blend Old Hill Ranch – Bottle Notes

  1. Glad to see Will Bucklin’s wines getting some continuing love Tom, they are extraordinary.Just a minor correction, Will makes 2 Grenache – the Ancient Grenache from century old vines, and Otto’s Grenache from much younger vines. Both Grenache are consistently delicious; Old Vine Grenache – in the right hands – can be as special as Old Vine Zin, and the Otto’s was purposely planted by Will in a location to stress the vines so that they produce small yields of intense berries.

    1. You are right of course. I should update my intro for Bucklin. I tasted both with Will in the barn at Old Hill Ranch when I visited last fall. I was his first visitor post pandemic. If you haven’t been to Old Hill Ranch in person you should check it out.

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