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A Funny Thing Happened While Placing My Carlisle Order

The Carlisle Summer mailer landed this past Tuesday. This particular mailer happens to include some of my favorite Carlisle wines notably the Papera Ranch Zinfandel and Pagani Vineyard Zinfandel. Around 5:30pm, Wednesday, I decided I should probably place my order. While I was scanning my inbox for the email from Mike Officer I was also deleting a variety of other emails received that day. That’s when things went awry.

Somehow as I got to the Carlisle email and clicked to read about the new releases I accidentally clicked the unsubscribe link. I wasn’t entirely sure I had done this as the offer was still in my account on the Carlisle website. I was able to place my order for Papera, Pagani, Mancini and DuPratt Zins.

However, 30 minutes later, I got an email from Mike thanking me for being a longtime mailing list member and wishing me well. My heart sunk. I literally felt like you would when your first true girlfriend in high school decides to dump you. I would imagine the email from Carlisle was a template but reading between the lines I thought I could also sense Mike’s dismay that one of the wineries longtime, diehard fans wanted to unsubscribe from the list.

In a state of panic I quickly called the winery prepared to beg forgiveness. I cursed as I was sent to voicemail. At this point it was a little after 6pm and not wanting to wait until the next morning I decided to email Mike. In this email I explained that Carlisle was literally one of two ride or die mailers for me and that clicking unsubscribe was a grave error on my part. I concluded by asking to be put back on the list.

Within the next hour, Mike emailed me back and said he was glad I wanted to continue being a customer. I think he spent the better part of the next hour figuring out how to restore my position on the list. Turns out this is more complicated that you might imagine. Sometime close to 8pm Mike emailed me again and said we should be good, but to reach out if I don’t receive the January mailer.

The lesson learned here is not to multi task when ordering wine. The other big takeaway is that Mike Officer is second to none when it comes to providing customer service.

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4 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened While Placing My Carlisle Order

  1. I certainly agree regarding Carlisle CS..I’ve been on he ML since the first release of the 1998 vintage and over the ensuing years I’ve never had a complaint. Also agree regarding not leaving the list. I have often said that Carlisle woild be the last list I would abandon!

  2. I can definitely imagine your panic. You probably don’t need to worry about getting a stress test if you survived this.

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