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The 2023 Cayuse Release Party

This past week Cayuse held their first release party since 2019. The Release Party is an annual event where members of the mailing list can taste a selection of Cayuse wines and pick up their yearly allocation. This is the only weekend Cayuse is open. The past three events (20-22) had been cancelled due to the pandemic.

The format of the event has changed ever so slightly. This year you were required to sign up for a specific time slot. I assume this was to manage the flow of people and prevent too large of a crowd. I also seem to remember in years past a larger selection of Cayuse wines being poured and the focus of the wines being on the most recent release. This year it was a mixture of back vintages of Cayuse and to my delight a pour each of Horsepower and Christophe Baron Champagne.

We were greeted at the door with a pour of 2016 Christophe Baron Champagne Les Alouettes. Following this was the 2020 Edith Rosé, 2019 God Only Knows Grenache, 2020 Camaspelo, 2020 Cailloux Vineyard Syrah, 2020 Bionic Frog Syrah, 2019 Armada Vineyard Syrah and 2020 Impulsivo Tempranillo. The tasting concluded with a pour of 2017 Horsepower The Tribe Vineyard Syrah. So nines wines in total over the course of an hour.

As for the wines the Champagne and Armada Syrah were my clear favorites. The Impulsive was really good as well. The Bionic Frog is a monumental wine that was maybe just a little too big for this setting but rest assured I was happy to come home with a three pack. I’ll revisit the Bionic Frog in 2028 at the earliest.

Lastly, regarding the Release Party, Cayuse had a variety of passed appetizers such as a Salt Cod Brandade Fritter and Grilled Venison Skewer all of which paired brilliantly with the wines.

Over the decade I have massaged my allocation to have a good variety of Cayuse. The one constant has been the Bionic Frog. When we get a chance to order again this November I will certainly include the Armada on my wish list.

I’ve missed this event the last three years. It is always a great opportunity to try wines in the Cayuse portfolio and more importantly to catch up with good friends. I will continue to look forward to this weekend in the years to come.

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