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Cayuse Release Weekend Cancelled Again

For the third year in a row Cayuse Release Weekend has been cancelled due to the pandemic. Locals will have the opportunity to pick up their wine but there will not be a tasting for mailing list member.

“Under the current reduced-occupancy restrictions, it would be logistically impossible to welcome all who wish to attend. In order to treat everyone equally and not limit the guest list, it is best to postpone the in-person tastings, as most other large wine auction and charity events have done.”

Cayuse Release Weekend is typically the first weekend in April and mailing list members come from around the country to pick up their order and try the following vintage of all the Cayuse wines including Bionic Frog, Flying Pig and Impulsivo. Cayuse always provides exceptional appetizers as well and Christophe often will preview something special if the timing is right. I remember fondly when he poured Horsepower for a group of us well in advance of the very first mailer.

The weekend has also been a good time to catch up with friends who, otherwise, you don’t get the chance to see very often (you know who you are and I miss you).

I was holding out hope that the event would happen this year having been to countless sporting events and concerts in the last six months but do understand the position of the Cayuse team. They have promised that the next release party will be epic and I do look forward to that. Fingers crossed for 2023.


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