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Three New Mailers to Consider

I’m on too many mailing lists. It was one of the first topics I wrote about when Zinfandel Chronicles launched over 3 years ago in Confessions of a Mailing List Addict. The last mailers I added to my annual purchases were Sandlands and Horsepower. All that being said, three new projects have really caught my attention.

AldenAlli is a collaboration between the families Dan Kosta and Emeril Lagasse. The winery is named after their wifes Alli Kosta and Alden Lagasse. The initial release was a 2013 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir sourced from Campbell Ranch and Lancel Creek Vineyards. Dan Kosta is making the wine. The first bottling was fairly priced at $56 per bottle. Those of you who are still on the exceptionally long Kosta Browne wait list might be well served to consider AldenAlli.

Ferren Wines was founded in 2013 by David Wherritt and Matt Courtney. Matt was a longtime assistant for Helen Turley at Marcassin Vineyard. Ferren will also focus on Sonoma Coast bottlings. The initial release included three Chardonnays sourced from Silver Eagle, Lancel Creek and Frei Road Vineyards and a single Pinot Noir sourced from Silver Eagle Vineyard. The wines are aggressively priced at $75 per bottle but production is small and the pedigree is unquestionable.

Lastly, if you want to take a true flyer on a mailing list then take a look at Once & Future Wine. There is not much information on the website but speculation is that this a project of Joel Peterson who founded Ravenswood Winery. There will be a 2016 release of a Sonoma Zinfandel and a Napa Valley Petit Sirah. If Ravenswood is the model, expect the wines to be fairly priced, exceptionally well made and sourced from some of Northern California’s most historic vineyards.

As I evaluate my mailing list purchases in 2016 I will look closely at AldenAlli and Ferren Wines. I will also await more information on Once & Future Wine.

Are there any new mailing lists that you are considering in 2016?

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4 thoughts on “Three New Mailers to Consider

  1. Hey Tom,
    FYI: AldenAlli is coming out with a Limerick Lane Zinfandel as well… Hopefully another reason to get on the mailing list? :)

  2. AidenAlii had me curious but I’m out overloaded on Pinot right now. Then Jake has to go and make it harder with his announcement! Will have to keep an eye on Once and Future too – had not heard of it and looks promising.

  3. I have been dropping quite a few mailing lists lately. Although Liquid Farm is not a mailing list, they offer wines in a small enough volume, that I may add them. I don’t like a lot of California chardonnay, but they are an exception along with Rivers Marie

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