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The Week in Zinfandel (9/1/14)

Welcome to the latest installment of The Week in Zinfandel. If I missed your post or story please send me a link and I will be sure to include it next week. Cheers!

Melissa Vogt of Examiner.com writes Project Zin Goes Above and Beyond.

Now And Zin Wine reviews the 2012 Lodi Native Zinfandel Macchia Wines Noma Ranch.

Key & Swirl reviews the 2011 Harney Lane Lizzy James Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel.

Wilfred Wong on Wine.com writes Kicking Off California Wine Month With Zin!

The People’s Palate on Zinfandel Proves Again Why It’s My Favorite Wine.

Wine Enthusiast features Joe Shebl and Tegan Passalacqua in 40 Under 40: America’s Tastemakeres 2014.

Zinfandel Chronicles reviews the 2009 Brown Estate Zinfandel.

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