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Mailing List Season Commences

Mailers from Betz and Quilceda Creek have already arrived. Save the date emails from Sojourn and Outpost are in my inbox. I’ve seen confirmations from the winery that Saxum and Rivers-Marie are only a week or two out. The biannual battle of trying to juggle mortgage payments, school tuition and wine purchases has begun. For better or worse, mailing list season is upon us.

Based on last year’spurchases and a little online research the schedule looks something like this:

Quilceda Creek

Williams Selyem

Dalla Valle
Kosta Browne
Force Majeure

And these are just the wines I buy.

There are a number of mailers I am particularly looking forward to because of some exciting first releases. Rivers-Marie is slated to release a Kanzler Vineyard Pinot Noir. Outpost is going to release the Immigrant, a Right Bank inspired blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. I’m not sure it will happen on this mailer but I know a sparkling wine and Syrah are in the works at Rochioli and a Cohn Vineyard Pinot Noir is forthcoming from Kosta Browne.

In regards to new mailers I hope to get an offer from Under The Wire. This is the sparkling wine project from Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock.

Exciting times for sure. What mailers are you eagerly anticipating?

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6 thoughts on “Mailing List Season Commences

  1. I have my list, that over the years I have kind of settled on. Some come, some go. I must say though, that the 2011 vintage will be interesting. There will be some winners and losers, but getting to some of the 2012 and 2013 will be worth the wait. My mailing list is No Girls, Donelan, Arnot Roberts, Rudius, Torrin, Epoch, Force Majeure, Rivers Marie, Big Basin, Toil(I hope)
    Of course this doesn’t include who I always buy from which includes:Avennia, Maison Bleue, Gramercy, Rasa, Alta Colina, Nicora, Terry Hogue
    Hope my wife doesn’t read this, because that’s alot of wine.

  2. Wow. That’s an awesome but intimidating list. I like your strategy of smaller #s of bottles from more producers but I have a difficult time deciding what to by, esp from wineries that have many offerings (e.g. Williams Selyem).

    Do you participate in any clubs where you automatically get bottles? I’ve cut back on that but am still in a couple (Corison, Hawkes, Melville, Ravenswood).

  3. Looking forward to hearing from Anthill, Auteur, Bedrock, Cobb, Peay, Turley and Zeitgeist. I am curious about Under The Wire. I signed up when Morgan solicited from the Bedrock list, and anxious to learn more. I am most looking forward to the new offering from Rivers-Marie, and several from Ceritas, Cheers!

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