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Making a List

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In the spirit of the upcoming holidays I am making a list of wines I’d like to see made. In some cases it is a winemaker that I would like to see make a wine from a new varietal and in other cases it is an existing varietal from a different vineyard source.

Lets get this list started with a Zinfandel by Manfred Krankl of Sine Qua Non. Being a fan of the Syrah and Grenache he has crafted over the years I salivate at what he might do with my favorite grape.

How about a Syrah from Chris Figgins of Leonetti and FIGGINS? Better yet, lets make that a Syrah from Ciel du Cheval fruit on Red Mountain.

While I am on a roll how does a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir from Michael Browne of Kosta Browne sound?

Speaking of Willamette Valley…how about a Pinot Noir from Christophe Baron of Cayuse. Prior to founding Cayuse it was his intention to make Pinot Noir.

Could we get Justin Smith of Saxum to make a Syrah from Walla Walla Valley fruit? Cailloux Vineyard perhaps?

Don’t you think a white Rhone style blend from Bob Betz of Betz Family Winery is long overdue?

The Zinfandel geek in me would love to see Tegan Passalacqua of Turley make a Zinfandel from Papera Ranch.

Anyways, you get the picture. Let me know what wines you would include if your were Making a List.

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6 thoughts on “Making a List

  1. Wow, love those projects. How about a new Long Shadows Cabernet with Thomas Rivers Brown from Schrader? Just curious, have you ever emailed those winemakers your ideas?

  2. I like the TRB Long Shadow idea. Hopefully it would turn out better than Feather which was the Randy Dunn project. That was an underwhelming wine.

  3. I would love to see what Emmanuel Reynaud of Rayas could do with WA syrah. And bring Noel Verset out of retirement to to make any wine!!

  4. A 100% zinfandel wine by Manfred Krankl of Sine Qua Non is a great idea. He’s one of the most talented winemakers out there. This zinfandel bottling would be special, no doubt, given his skill level and creativity. Not familiar with Leonetti or Figgins, but I’m familiar with the Ciel du Cheval vineyard. Like the Champoux vineyard, Ciel du Cheval would produce some amazing syrah, I’m sure. Pinot noir from Kosta Browne and Cayuse is an interesting thought. Might be quite successful if the vineyard sites are not too hot. Justin Smith of Saxum is an amazingly gifted wine maker, so if he could source some syrah grapes from Walla Walla Valley, I’m confident he could turn out some mind-blowing syrah or syrah blends. Not very familiar with Betz or Turley, although I know both wineries make outstanding juice.

    One more interesting idea for your contemplation: how about a rhone-style blend (syrah, grenache, mourvèdre) made by Quilceda Creek from grapes grown perhaps on the Galitzine vineyard on Red Mountain?

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