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10 Topics You Will Never See On This Wine Blog

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I’ll keep this short! In my ongoing desire to give my readers fresh content on Zinfandel Chronicles I promise not to blog about these topics:

  1. High alcohol by volume (ABV) in Zinfandel
  2. Natural wines
  3. The 100 point scale to rate wines
  4. Score inflation in the aforementioned 100 point scale
  5. Slowing sales of domestic Syrah
  6. The knowledge, expertise or qualifications of fellow wine bloggers
  7. Ongoing personnel changes at the Wine Advocate
  8. Escalating prices of classified growth Bordeaux
  9. The “Parkerization” of wine globally
  10. Robert Parker

Lets face it… they have been covered ad nauseum. What did I miss?

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6 thoughts on “10 Topics You Will Never See On This Wine Blog

  1. Tom, I knew I could count on you to keep it real! Love your blog, keep up the great work!

  2. The SYRAH in decline cracks me up. I must be hanging out with the wrong people, because the amount of producers making great SYRAH and rhone wines gets better and better. Not only this, but whenever I go these wineries in Santa Barbara, Paso, Napa/Sanoma or Washington they seem to have alot of customers or full wine mailing lists. If sales are in decline, that should just just be more for me.

  3. I enjoy your informative and positive content Tom. So many wine bloggers want to bash someone or some wine to get an uptick in their views. Nice that you focus on your love and enjoyment of wine. That’s why we are all here anyway right.

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