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2011 Horsepower Vineyards Grenache Sur Echalas Vineyard – Bottle Notes

The 2011 Horsepower Vineyards Grenache Sur Echalas Vineyard was the winning bottle in the February Installment of Pick My Next Bottle. The wine was not decanted and was paired with steaks off the grill.

Horsepower Vineyards was founded by Christophe Baron in 2011. At its core, Horsepower is about a vigneron working the vineyard with his horse. Horsepower is a return to Christophe’s roots. His family has worked their land in the Marne Valley of France since 1677. As recently as 1957 horses still did all of the vineyard cultivation.

The 2011 Grenache Sur Echalas Vineyard is 100% Grenache that comes all from a vineyard located just to the west of Cayuse’s Armada Vineyard. Planted to 4,840 vines per acre, it’s farmed completely by horse. 

Blood red in color. 13.1% ABV. Stunning nose of red fruits, olives, smoke and flowers. Medium body with exquisite acidity. Complex and thought provoking in that every time you pick up the glass the wine takes on a different nuance. Cherries, strawberries, kirsch and herbs on the palate. The finish is very long and somewhat tannic. A Grenache that I will remember vividly for some time to come. Best over the next 5-7 years.

My rating: 96 points.

I’d be remiss if I did not mention that this Grenache is very close in taste and style to the Cayuse God Only Knows. However, I’ve been told the waiting list at Horsepower is much shorter than the waiting list at Cayuse. Make your purchasing plans accordingly.

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  1. Great notes, Tom. You are right about the Horsepower wait list, as you may have seen from a recent posting of mine…less than 2 years. At least, for the Tribe and High Contrast Syrah. Cheers!

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